Agricultural Products

Agricultural Products

Agricultural Products

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Datsdun Exim Pvt Ltd

Lal Bazar


Telangana, India ,

Agricultural Products remains one of India's major assets whose quality and richness has shown excellent improvement over the years and makes them a fine prospect for export sales. Over 80% of India's landscape strength lies in its rural populace who have been instrumental in producing rich quality food grains and other agricultural products such as Butter Cheese Eggs, Cereals, Diary and Garden produce, Fish Meat, Food Stuff, Nuts Fruits Vegetables, Milk Cream, Seeds, Poultry, etc.
Datsun Exim possesses excellent storage facilities that ensure its richness and nutritious value so that it finds ready acceptance in both national and international markets.
Datsun Exim. Was established in the year of 1994 As agriculture is to backbone of our economy, the focus of our company has been the economic growth of the farming community of the country.
Datsun has revolutionsed the way modern farming is carried out with its marketing of genetically superior and high yielding teak vegetables, fruits like Mango, Sapota, Amla etc.

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