Corrosion Protection

Corrosion Protection

Corrosion Protection

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Telangana, India ,

Effectiveness of coating and protection of metal depends on a thorough understanding of the process of corrosion. The steel used in metal structures is a highly processed material which is in a artificially alloyed state. After refinement, metals which are unstable materials actively seek to recombine with oxygen or other elements and this process is called corrosion. As metals are constantly exposed to a corrosive environment which includes marine, chemicals and other pollutants, an effective barrier is imperative over the metal surface to maintain the structure and prolong its life. Most often, surface coating systems like metal primers and top coat finishes are used. CLI primers and coatings have a good adhesive strength and have the ability to cover imperfection and bridge minute activities. The primer should be applied within one hour of surface preparation of metal because the nature of the surface has a fine micro topography. Moreover, metal will be protected against corrosion as long as sufficient coating thickness of top coats are provided. The top coat should have high resistance to abrasion and aggressive environmental conditions and should be stable.

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