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Indus Valley Agro Seeds Pvt. Ltd



Telangana, India ,

Indus Valley Agro Seeds (Pvt) Ltd, The division is concentrating on research and development, production, processing and marketing of hybrid seeds of Sorghum, Pearl Millet, Maize, Cotton, Rice, Sunflower, Tomato, Okra and Hot Pepper.
Ever since inception, the division has been driven by continuous innovation in every field of activity like Management, Research, Production, Processing, Quality and Marketing. This has resulted in the establishment of a strong trust and brand equity of Indus Valley Agro Seeds amongst the consumers, channel members, suppliers, government officials and others. The name Indus Valley Agro Seeds inspires prosperity to all its stakeholders. A Group of committed, highly qualified, experienced, top-ranking professionals in the seed industry operate this Division under the guidance and supervision of Top Core Management.

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