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Hot Water Generators

Hot Water Generators

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Preci Tech India



Telangana, India ,

Hot Water Generators Product Details: Brand Preci- Tech Capacity 50,000 Kcal - 10 Lakh Kcal /hr Color Any Colour Model Number/Name Preci- Tech India Make We are the supplier and manufacturer of Vertical Hot Water Generator. Features: Fuel : Wood, Coal, Lignite, Diesel, LDO, FO, Bio-Mass, Husk, Bio Gas, Pet-Cook Fired, Agro Waste, Electrical Hot Water Generator. Capacity : 3000KCal/Hr TO 4 Million Kcal/Hr Temp : 40 C TO 950 C.138 Deg C For Pressurized Hot Water Generators and 93 Deg C For Normal Hot Water Generator

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