Bio Fertilizer

Bio Fertilizer

Bio Fertilizer

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Sowbhagya Biotech Pvt Ltd



Telangana, India ,

COMPOSITION :Azotobacter chrococcum - Nitrogen fixing bacteria at CFU 5xl07 per gram, media residue 2.2%, adjuvant medium 98% and stabilizer 0.5%.
SHELF LIFE: 6 Months
For soil treatment:Mix 2 to 3 kilograms of AzoBac in farm yard manure (FYM) or vermicompost or soil and keep for 1 to 3 days maintaining adequate moisture. Then broadcast apply in one acre area (4000 square meters) at sowing.
For seed treatment:
Mix 6-10 gms of AzoBac per one kg of seeds in required amount of water added with small lump of jiggery and mix with seeds. Dry the treated seed in shade for 15 to 20 minutes before sowing.
For treatment of planting material like sett, seedling and rhizomes: Mix 1 kilogram of AzoBac in 20-30 liters water and dip planting material for 30 minutes before planting.
For soil drenching : Mix 250 gms of AzoBac in 200 liters water and use for drenching soil at or near the root zones or for foliar spray on crop in one acre area (4000 square meters).

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