Stevia Seeds

Stevia Seeds

Stevia Seeds

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Jhanil Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Cinema Road, Near Shishu Bharti School


Punjab, India , 148028

Our stevia seeds are fresh, untreated and free of any harsh chemicals that can dramatically reduce germination rates. Our stock is frequently rotating, no seed will ever be more than a few months old. 1 kg of seeds germinates almost 8,000to 10,000 plants. Germination rate is 50%.Sowing season average temperature is about 24 – 29 Cº. Our Stevia plants needs rich garden soil, full sun and partly shade, humidity, high temperature, and plenty of water. Stevia Seeds are best sown in summer or in a warm greenhouse, and should be lightly pressed into the soil but not covered with soil. Seeds are still the cheapest method of propagation.

Price : 5000.00

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