Indus I9 Dish Wash Liquid

Indus I9 Dish Wash Liquid

Indus I9 Dish Wash Liquid

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Indus Chemical And Technologies

No. 2-103/17/7, 1st Floor, Shobhana Colony, Bala Nagar , Hyderabad - 500042, Telangana, India


Telangana, India , 500042

Removes rough grease. Shines the vessels. No scratches formed on the vessels cleaned. Gentle on hand and Easy to wash. Directions for use: Indus-I7 Dish Wash Liquid in 1.5 ratio with water, take scrub pad dip in the liquid and use it. For hard stains use 1:1 ratio Caution: The product is mildly alkaline, not requiring any safety wear in handling and use. However, for sensitive skins, protective gloves are recommended. In case of contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

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