Buddsbuddy Hot & Cold Gel Pack

Buddsbuddy Hot & Cold Gel Pack

Buddsbuddy Hot & Cold Gel Pack

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Budds Buddy

Sikh Village


Telangana, India ,

Double Lock Technology makes The Hot & Cold Gel Pack secure and leakproof. It is created using FDA approved technology, the pack is effective in reducing pain and healing bruises. The product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection standards (CE).
The timely use of this Pack helps soothe ailments on time. The Packs are reusable. Both the packs help in improving conditions caused due to high cold or hot surroundings, etc.
The material used is safe for skin of children and does not cause any allergy in long use. The Packs are non-toxic and come in friendly designs.
Product Description
There are two types of Gel Packs - Hot Gel Pack & Cold Gel Pack
Use: Children are vulnerable to diseases. There are ailments related to hot and cold temperatures. Immediate attention and timely care help cure such disorders. The Cold pack helps reduce pain, swelling, headache, migraine, puffy eyes and many such ailments.The Hot Pack helps improve blood circulation, clogged duct, muscle cramps, and bruises.
Natural soothing: Keeping children away from artificial healing is the best way to keep them healthy. Natural healing is the right way to address sicknesses. The Gel Packs ensure natural and timely soothing of owies.
100% Safe: The products used for children need to be clinically tested for quality and effectiveness. The products should comply with the safety standards. These are clinically tested Packs and safe for children.
Leakproof: It becomes messy if a product leaks. It is also not hygienic to reuse such products. Budds Buddy Gel Pack is made with Double Lock Technology. The pack does not leak even when used for a long time or reused.
Reusable: The Gel Packs can be heated by using hot water. These are microwave safe (heated up to 10-15 seconds). For cooling, the Packs can be refrigerated for 30 minutes.
Non toxic: Children should be kept away from toxic products.

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