Stevia Dry Leaves

Stevia Dry Leaves

Stevia Dry Leaves

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Jhanil Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Cinema Road, Near Shishu Bharti School


Punjab, India , 148028

Stevia is a green leafy plant, native to South America. It is a natural substitute of sugar which has zero calories, no fats & carbohydrates. Its leaf extract is 300 times sweetener than the normal cane sugar. Stevia extract is also available in different forms such as in liquid, powder, Sachets & dry leaf form. Stevia leaves are sun dried which are organic in nature. It is the best natural sweetener which is derived directly from nature not from any process or preparation. It has miraculous healing properties and useful in the management of diabetes & hypertension. It has non- glycemic response with zero glucose. Just 4-5 leaves are equal to 1 tbsp of sugar. Stevia dry leaf offers an authentically sweet taste to naturally satisfy any sweet cravings. It can be used in making various beverages .It has also proved to be an aid to diabetics, obese and other fitness conscious people. It is a perfect way to remain fit & healthy without any compromise with taste and health.

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